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Covered Bridges of Maine

Buy at Art.com Covered bridges conjure up images of times past, quiet peaceful roads, and horse and buggy rides. A vacation to Maine wouldn't be complete without visiting a few of its scenic and quaint covered bridges.

Early Mainers depended on ferries and barges to cross Maine's many rivers and waterways, but in time, populations grew as did mobility; thus, bridges were built. The bridges were covered for one reason - to keep the rain and snow from the massive working timbers. The alternate wetting and drying out of uncovered wooden structures would have resulted in rot and failure decades sooner.

Maine once had 120 covered bridges; today, all but eight of the original bridges have been destroyed. Two destroyed bridges have been reconstructed to look like the originals. In March of 1983, the Morse Bridge in Bangor was destroyed by fire and there are no plans to rebuild it. The remaining covered bridges are scattered throughout the state.

Listed here are the covered bridges of Maine, as well as links to pictures and further descriptions. Enjoy!

Babbs Bridge - South Windham
Located two and a half miles north of South Windham, then one half mile west, over the Presumpscot River between the towns of Gorham and Windham.

Artist's Covered Bridge - Newry
An 87-foot Paddleford truss; closed to traffic in 1958 when a new bridge was built downstream. It is located about four miles northwest of North Bethel.

Watson Settlement Bridge - Littleton
Located on the road to Woodstock from Littleton over Meduxnekeag Stream in the town of Littleton.

Lowes Bridge - Guilford-Sangerville
The bridge has a clear span of 120 feet over the Piscataquis River. It is located just off State Route 15 south of Guilford Village.

Robyville Bridge - Corinth
The bridge crosses Kenduskeag Stream in Robyville Village in the town of Corinth about three miles northwest of Kenduskeag Village.

Bennett Bridge - Lincoln Plantation
This bridge spans the Magalloway River, just one and a half miles south of Wilson Mills.

Lovejoy Bridge - Andover
This bridge spans the Ellis River at South Andover.

Parsonsfield-Porter Bridge - Porter
Located one half mile south of Porter, was closed to traffic in 1960 when a new bridge was built upstream.

Hemlock Bridge - Fryeburg
Located three miles northwest of East Fryeburg over an old channel of the Saco River.

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